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Thing 2009 report!

I was really looking forward to my first Thing. I went last year as a visitor to case the joint for this year's event, which proved helpful. My first convention was Thought Bubble, Leeds, last year, which was great but I was more excited about the dedicated small press event which is Thing. And it seems too easy for me to enjoy Thought Bubble since it's on my doorstep!

My table neighbours were ol' REET! contributors Al Maceachern and joedecie, who were sharing to my left, and smurf_uk (Aaron 'Smurph' Murphy) to my right.
Here's Al and Joe. Joe was determined to frown in every picture and Al's really good at blinking! When my missus sees a picture of the three of us, she calls us 'three geeks in a pub.'

LiveJournal's very own daleof (Dale O'Flaherty) was in attendance and kindly bought a copy nearly everything I had! Dale also stuck around with Al, Joe and me and kept us company - even helping watch our tables from time to time! I tried to convince him to pretend to be Al for a while in Al's absence, acting like a complete prick to sully Al's good name... But Dale's much too nice for that!

Here are some portraits he did. Awesome work, Dale!

By the way, Dale, I've finally seen Achewood. I didn't like it! *ducks*

The anthology turned out great. I still wasn't sure my contribution, A God Awful Small Affair was included owing to some file error (...) but it's tucked away at the back! I'll post it tomorrow.

Sales were pretty excellent. I sold out of the first Jenny's Weird Friend comic and was glad that the last copy went to an 'appropriate' customer - a lovely woman and her young daughter. I don't think the girl was too bothered about the comic but upon the mention of sweets from her mum suddenly agreed to take it off my hands!
All other sales were steady away and the profit I made will pay for my wedding suits! KER-CHING!

Just opposite us was Jimi Gherkin, who I feel like I've already met but it was extra funky to meet him properly in person.

It was about time I met Adam cadwell and Marc burnt_jamb Ellerby properly, too!
Good to see Phillip Ninja Bunny Spence, who was being aided by good ol' Mike Rouse-Dean moovok.
And no convention is complete without Oliver Modern Monstrosity Lambden!
Word up and shouts also to jimtyson!

I was particularly keen on getting my hands on Dave O'Connell (tozocomic) and Sarah
McIntyre's (jabberworks) Airship, which is one of my favourite reads of the last year on Live Journal.
Dave and Sarah were utterly lovely chaps! It was good to have a drink with you guys afterwards!
Hey, Sarah, what was with that American guy you spoke to near my table? He was with a woman who would only speak through him and they totally messed up my display by dumping a copy of Gentleman Jim on my stuff! I had to go out for a snout to stop myself from yelling at them!
Here's Sarah in her cool dress:

A couple of members from the Cartoonists' Forum showed up. Great to meet you, Tim Harries and Alex Hughes! Again, both thoroughly nice chaps indeed! The following photo features a bonus harveyjames. Can you spot him?

And moogly_bear, here's where Poopy wound up! He made it to the golden shores of Teeny Terrapin Island under my Mac at work!

REET! favourites Dr. Simpo and Andy Hexjibber Sykes were in attendance. Shame I didn't get to speak to them more but I'm sure I'll see them around Leeds soon.

Turns out I didn't buy that many comics (Joe Decie and I even forgot to trade!) but here's what I collected, plus some stuff I had with me from Orbital and OK Comics in Leeds:

My comic highlight has to be The Manly Boys Annual by Banal Pig's Steven Tillotson and Appalling Nonsense's Gareth Brookes, which is hands down the funniest comic I think I've ever read. I was literally crying with laughter when I got back on Sunday, although lack of sleep and booze might have had something to do with that... Anyway, buy one from one of their links right now!

What should have made my day was having a quick interview with Alex Fitch for Panel Borders but I was talking absolute bollocks. It was hard to concentrate with all that noise. I hope Alex is kind to me in the edit! I think I came across as a right uneducated, inarticulate slob!

The after party was a good laugh. It was cool to properly meet Cliodhna ztoical Lyons, who treated me and many others to a shot at the bar!
Super talented harveyjames was in there, too. Nice to meet you, James!
Our table inherited the Book of Flange from Kyle Fysh Rogers, which proved a real chore to offload onto the next victims!

Right: It's picture time!

Here's Al drawing some polite young lads. I hid away because it was too early for me to draw.

The view from my table, which I think had me well-positioned!

Joe and Al with Gareth Brookes:

I can't believe I was opposite Francesca Cassavetti (who's 24 Hour Comic I'd enjoyed on some steps in London just the day before) and didn't get chance to go and say hello!

Here's Al and James eruditebaboon Turner in the pub afterwards:

And look: a real life Jenny from Jenny's Weird Friend! That's yunni and her weird friend, James Harvey. The resemblance (of both) is uncanny!

A fantastic day all round. Cheers, guys!
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