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Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 4 pics!

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29th. Apr, 2012 | 07:16 pm

Saturday 28th April saw the 4th Leeds Alternative Comics Fair and it was our best yet!
A combination of excellent exhibitors, loads of Twitter action, a Guardian Guide write up and come-inside rainy weather meant footfall was high. There was a great buzz all day and many of our exhibitors saw takings comparable to (or better than!) a large, 2-day convention!

We think everyone had a good time, although a couple of the exhibitors tried to sneak off without saying goodbye.

The staff at A Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds couldn't have been more helpful on the day. Thanks a lot, guys!

I was ramming my Nikon D90 in people's faces, so here's what you might have missed:

My poster:

Andy Sykes in what has come to be known as "The Andy Sykes pose":

John Allison:

James "Couk" Downing:

James' poster:

Hew "The Pern" Ma:

Gary Bainbridge, kicking back with a cuppa:

Gary's poster:

Oli East:

My worst nightmare - someone's drink left next to my books:

Fellow organiser, Steve Tillotson:

Steve's poster:

Camera-shy (but we don't know why) Kristyna Baczynski:

John Allison and Dan Berry:

Adam Cadwell:

Adam Lee Jones with a table for Dewsbury Art College:

Holy Hexjibber:

What a cheese I am:

Steve Tillotson's new comic, Christopher Wren:

Karoline Rerrie:

Friend of Leeds Alt Comics, Darryl Cunningham, with his new book:

More proof that Leeds Alternative Comics is the world's best-looking convention:

The Andy Sykes pose 2:

A heartwarming reunion as Andrew Waugh turns up:

The ever-casual Cadwell:


Hew Ma's wares:

That Cadwell bloke:

Slurpy, slurpy, cheep, cheep:

No doubt discussing how cool the organisers are:

Steve with the Dewsbury Art College lot:

Steve. A celebratory drink in Baby Jupiter:



Leeds Alternative Comics

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Joe Decie

(no subject)

from: joedecie
date: 29th. Apr, 2012 07:13 pm (UTC)

That looks awful. Glad my bus didn't turn up and I only made it there just past closing time, in the rain.

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