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Hourly Comic Day 2012!

1st. Feb, 2012 | 06:54 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Clinic

This year I grabbed my Yorkshire's Real Heritage Pubs book and headed out to Halifax!


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A special message!

8th. Dec, 2011 | 11:28 pm
music: Christmas for The Free - Argent


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Christmas sale!

5th. Dec, 2011 | 08:03 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Argent Losing Hold

Bag yourself a Jenny's Weird Friend desktop calendar in time for 2012! They make cute little Christmas presents, too! On sale at only £2.50 (and that includes UK postage!)
Details here!


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Thought Bubble 2011 pics!

23rd. Nov, 2011 | 05:20 pm
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
music: Stand By For Adverts - Barry Gray

I enjoyed Thought Bubble (what has become one of the UK's best loved comic events) very much. Steve Tillotson and I were in a bit of a corner but someone has to sit there and luckily, the signing queue tides didn't do much more than wet our feet.

It was Thought Bubble's first two-day event and my first one ever. The crowds just about made it worthwhile.

Early on I was pleasantly surprised to see Adam Cadwell had made a Lego mini-fig' of me for his fig hunt game, which proved very popular with punters.

I was on a panel on Saturday morning (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Self-Publishing) with Andy Sykes, Geof Banyard, Katie Green and Steve Tanner. It was a fun, relaxed panel, with Matt Sheret doing a sterling job as host. A damn good laugh, actually.

I had to take off in the afternoon to play The Mayor of Hamlin in The Pied Piper, leaving Steve to man our table. So thanks again, Steve. My absence proved popular and sales have never been so good!

That night saw falafel and pizza with Lando and Steve and the overcrowded, over-priced after party at the casino. After twenty minute waiting times at the bar, Steve and I bailed early. It's the only thing that lets Thought Bubble down.

Sunday was slower but improved endlessly by the presence of the Hot Wheel Roller Derby girls, who kept us all company. I'll be attending a bout soon. I'll also be taking my wife so I can concentrate on the game itself...

Afterwards, Dr. Simpo, Andy Sykes, Font Yeti peeps, Mrs. Shug, Steve Tillotson, Anthony Thomas and I went out for beer and a whole load of meat at Fazenda, Leeds. Awesome.

Here are some of my pics from the weekend!Collapse )


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Thought Bubble 2011 schtuff!

15th. Nov, 2011 | 06:16 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Divine Comedy

For Thought Bubble this weekend:

By 'Eck! 50 pages, full colour, Hallowe'eny!
Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep - 80 pages, with 16-track soundtrack download!
Jenny's Weird Friend - now in colour!
Jenny's Weird Friend desktop calendars!
Plus... BADGES!

And lots more, such as Paper Science 5, Interference and Hourly Comics minis! See you there, hopefully! I'll be on a panel on Saturday morning and away in the afternoon to be in a play (leaving poor ol' Steve Tillotson to watch my side of our table) but I'll be there all Sunday!


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ink+PAPER mp3!

13th. Nov, 2011 | 01:43 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Iris!

Here's a track I've made to accompany my ink+PAPER contribution, "Iris".
Click on this image to listen:

Download it here, along with lots more!


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Spooky Hallowe'en tune!

31st. Oct, 2011 | 08:34 pm
mood: scaredscared
music: This one!

This is actually the first of four tracks that will accompany my latest comic, By 'Eck!, but it also doubles up as a spooky Hallowe'en number!



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Some Hallowe'en bits!

31st. Oct, 2011 | 06:17 pm
mood: scaredscared

My Ghostbusters pumpkin:

The grey bun I had at lunch:

And the T-shirt I'm wearing to my Hallowe'en-themed pub quiz tonight:

Plus, a spooky story I did when I was about thirteen:

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Ghost On The Rim!

30th. Oct, 2011 | 01:48 pm
mood: gloomygloomy
music: Nada Surf

Here's a spooky pumpclip I forgot to post when I completed it ages ago:


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Headbanging leaf!

18th. Oct, 2011 | 08:13 pm
mood: hungryhungry
music: Nada Surf

I went to the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain AGM over the weekend in Clevedon, Somerset.

We saw this leaf at the side of the road:


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